Tony Sheldon Travel Utilise Rear Bus Advertising

Local Travel agent, Tony Sheldon Travel in Maidenhead, have used the rear of a specific Courtney bus route in Maidenhead to get their messages out into the local community. As well as this bus route going into the community, it also goes into the town centre and drives right part one of Tony Sheldon main competitors.

Mark Pollard – owner of Tony Sheldon Travel – has commented that loads of people have mentioned the advert so Mark knows the advert is getting noticed.

Tony Sheldon is a travel agency in Maidenhead, travel is our passion and we all love to share our knowledge, experiences and travel expertise with you. We are family run local business which remains independent from hotels, airlines, cruises lines and tour operators so we have access to the whole travel market and want you to have the best travel experience. We aim to always offer the best quality and personal service and try very hard to give you the travel experience you are looking for.