One of the Most Cost Effective Forms of Outdoor Advertising

Bus Advertising – one of the most cost effective forms of outdoor advertising available. Its a great way to advertise your message to a large local community and make them aware of your business and your offer.

Focal Point Advertising work with national bus fleets and, in the Berkshire area, also work with Courtney buses and sell the advertising space on the rears of the buses for Courtney. Two recent campaigns conducted include Bracknell College of Agriculture (BCA, thanks to Amblegow in Maidenhead) and also the Camberley Car Show campaign for Collectively Camberley for an event in August (thanks to Becky at Media Booker).

Courtney run close to 30 buses in the Bracknell, Wokingham and Camberley areas and advertising space is very difficult to get hold off due to an existing client base who renew their advertising campaigns again and again.

Unlike posters and billboards which are static adverts, buses work their way through a local community so get that mesage across to a very wide audience on a repetitive basis. Its hard to ignore a bus advert when you are driving behind it or there is little else to look at while you are walking along the road!

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